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Style Tip: The Shawl Cardigan

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If you're anywhere above the Maxon Dixon, you're freezing your balls off right much for global warming, but hey, at least your man-parts are nested comfortably in a pair of Mugsys, am I right? 

Staying warm is priority numero uno this time of year. That's why for this week's style pick, we're featuring a wardrobe staple that will keep you toasty and lookin' good for the ladies--The shawl cardigan.

 Dumb and Dumber Cardigan Meme

I know, I know, one glance at the word cardigan and an image of a crusty old grandpa comes to mind.

But hear me out: you can pull off an awesome cardigan look with three simple rules:

1) Get a cardigan with a shawl. A shawl, fyi, is a collar that folds over and loops around your neck. It puts a trendy twist on the sweater.
2) Wear it with a crew neck t-shirt underneath. Mix and match your cardigan with different colored or patterned tees to switch it up. You can even wear it with a graphic tee for a more casual or trendy look...the variations and diversity are limitless.
3) Wear it unbuttoned. Nothing screams stuffy like a dude in a buttoned-up sweater and might as well advertise that you wear tighty-whities and enjoy mediocre sex.
Mugsy Jeans Light Blue Slim Fit Jeans For Men Style
Follow these rules and you'll come across as a guy who knows what he's doing but isn't trying too hard...the ladies will swoon.
Follow them not and you'll look more like you just beat out Ethel in an exhilarating game of bingo at the Boca Vista clubhouse. Don't forget bocce ball's at 3, right before dinner, old-timer.
-Leo, founder, Mugsy Jeans

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