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Style Tip: Colored Blazers

Cool fashion tips to keep you looking stylish with ease this Valentine's Day, because you shouldn't have to try as hard as this guy...


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Step your game up this Valentine's Day; instead of chocolates, get her a different kind of candy...get her the gift of ridiculously-good-looking-ARM-CANDY.

Because all girls really want is to see everyone else looking at you, looking at her.
Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Dark Blue Denim Style Photo
Here's what you need to pull it off:
  • Blazer. Bonus points if it's red, but any color will do. 
  • Gray Tee. Keeps it classy yet casual.
  • Mugsy Sacre Blues. She'll like them on you a lot, she'll like them off you even more.
  • Extra Credit: Black Leather Loafers. This'll top off the natural sophistication look, but any leather shoe will do.

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Dark Blue Denim Style PhotoMugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Blazer Style Photo

It's that simple guys.

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P.S. We got you covered on the jeans...
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