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Style Tip: The Lightweight Blazer

Cool fashion tips to keep you looking stylish with ease...
This week, we're getting BLAZED.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoking Pot

Oh, not that kind of blazed. I mean, you totally can, it probably won't hurt the cause, yolo and such...

But we're talking about getting BLAZERED.

Because this one simple addition to your outfit could mean the difference between getting lucky and going home alone, like a loser.

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Light Blue Denim With Gray Blazer Style Photo

Here's how you can pull it off:
  • Your favorite t-shirt. Crisp and clean will make their eyes gleam.
  • Mugsy Tommy Lee's. Spring is in the air, light denim is what you should wear.
  • Leather Shoes or Sneakers. If they're for the track or gym, wearing them would be a sin. 
  • Gray Blazer: The secret sauce to make you look like a boss.

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Light Blue Denim and Gray Blazer Style

Yeah, we're really shitty poets. But we do make tight ass jeans.

So Mugsy yourself and hit the town.

They won't stand a chance.

-Leo, founder of Mugsy Jeans

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