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Style Tip: The New Way To Tie Your Boots

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If you've ever owned boots that lace up all the way up the top, you know how much of a pain in the ass they can be to put on and take off (a vivid image of me yanking at my shoe while hopping on one foot comes to mind).

That's why I go for boots that have hooks instead of eyelets. Eyelets are the rings that you loop your laces through, whereas hooks sit on the outside of your shoe for your laces to catch on, as you tie them up.

The benefit of hooks is they allow the top part of your boot to open super wide so your foot can easily slide in and out. To achieve the same with eyelets, you'd have to unlace and relace your shoes every time you wear them.

Mugsy Jeans Bootcut Fit For Men

Notice the 3 brass hooks at the top. 

But the con with hooks is they take a long time to put on--zigging and zagging the laces from one hook to the next requires a surprising amount of precision and coordination. It's hard enough sober, it's damn-near impossible after a few brewskies.

Luckily, we have an awesome solution we call the Mugsy Jeans Soccer-Cleat-Lace-Up (the peeps that usually come up with our names are on vacation btw). Here's how you do it:

1) Hold your laces straight up from one of the higher eyelets (you'll have to determine which eyelet to use based on how much excess lace you need).

Mugsy Jeans Bootcut Fit For Men Photo.

2) Tie a basic knot.

Mugsy Jeans Tapered Bootcut Fit For Men

3) Loop your laces around the ankle of your boots and hook them through the top-most hook.

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Selvage Boot Photo

4) Tie a knot ("you loop it, you swoop it, and you pull").

And that's it! If done successfully, your laces will look like the boot on the left and will be done in a fraction of the time as the boots on the right:

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Cuffed Selvage Boot Photo

And don't fret if you're worried about how the laces look, your jeans will cover it up anyway.

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Summer Jeans For Men Profile Photo


-Leo, Founder of Mugsy Jeans

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