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Mugsy Jeans Blog Introduction

Welcome to the blog and thank you for tuning in! We thought we’d kick it off by telling you what the blog will be here it is:

USA Cone selvage men's jeans style

When we chose to start a blog, the immediate question that came to mind was: what should we write about? Basic logic says: you’re a men’s fashion company, stick to men’s fashion. But covering just men’s fashion is boring (how many posts do you really want to read about what Ryan Gosling’s wearing?  We get it, he’s awesome and everyone else is lame. Well not everyone, Leonardo DiCaprio is THE MAN and so is...we’re rambling now...anyway...). It’s boring for us to write and it’s boring for you to read. Recent studies suggest that boring things suck, so we’re going to avoid boring.

To us, fashion is about more than just the stuff you wear. It’s a lifestyle, from the movies you watch to the cars you drive to the liquor you’s all fashion baby! So we figure, why should our posts stop at men's clothes? Instead, our goal for this blog is to provide content on anything relevant to you. Whether that’s advice that can help in your career, cool products to hit the market, or even entertaining interviews with cool people (celebrity stylists, up and coming musicians, entrepreneurs, etc.). We’ll probably avoid sports though; there are enough sports blogs out there and we can’t possibly be as entertaining as Stephen A. Smith.

So that’s it. The Mugsy Blog in a nutshell. We look forward to having you as a reader. If the content is good, share it with your friends! If it sucks or is missing something, let us know and we’ll adjust. We just want to write about things that interest you, it’s all about you!

Also (caution, disclaimer coming), we thought we should warn you that our content will often have little supporting research or logical backing and may be controversial. Therefore, take everything we say with a big ol’ grain of salt.  Cheers!

- Leo, Founder of Mugsy Jeans

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