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Mugsy Jeans Review And Interview

Ryan Francis at Launchpad Lab

Ryan Francis, doing what he does, rocking his Mugsy's and being the man

If the Guinness Book of World Records had a record for the man who's worn Mugsy jeans the most, they would recognize Ryan Francis. Ryan has worn his Mugsy's nearly everyday since backing our Kickstarter in May 2014. When we learned this, we had to find out more. What follows is our interview with Ryan--man, myth, legend, and all around stud. Here's how it went down...

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Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m an entrepreneur and software developer in Chicago. I graduated from Miami University of Ohio in 2010 and have lived in Chicago for the past two years. Prior to moving here, I started an aluminum loft and bunk bed company for adults. Through founding that business I discovered my passion for coding and over the past two years I’ve worked at LaunchPad Lab as a backend web developer. I am also a Faculty Coach for the Application Development course at University of Chicago Booth.

That's badass, a lofted bed would give us so much more room for activities. Tell us more...Favorite sports team? Female celebrity crush? Guy celebrity crush?

Pittsburgh Steelers. My mom is from Pittsburgh and basically swaddled me in a Terrible Towel when I came out of the womb. In terms of celebrity crushes, I have two: (1) Rachel McAdams and (2) Emma Watson. I mean need I say more than Wedding Crashers to explain my decision to include Rachel? And my obsession with Harry Potter plus Emma’s British accent all but guaranteed her a spot in my top two.

My guy celebrity crush goes out to Leonardo DiCaprio. For some reason I can watch any movie with him as the main character and be left totally satisfied. He is one sexy human being.

Mugsy Jeans comfortable slim fit jeans picture

You motor-boating son-of-a-bitch, you! You have good taste sir. Where do you typically shop for clothes? What was your go-to jeans brand before Mugsy?

The majority of my clothes are from J. Crew. Prior to Mugsy, I would cycle between two pairs of J. Crew jeans. Now they’re stowed away in a back closet.

Ryan Francis blog post excerpt

Why did you decide to back Slimbs on Kickstarter?

Comfortable slim fitting jeans are hard to come by for guys. For someone like me that wears jeans every day to work, both comfort and fit are critical. I backed Slimbs because I felt you guys could be the company to finally solve this problem for me. 

That's the exact problem we set out to solve. What styles did you get from us?

All three.

Do you have a favorite?

The Studio Blue is my favorite and I wear them almost daily. Since it has some stretch factor, I am comfortable sitting in them all day long.

Mugsy Jeans slim fit jeans for the office

Ryan breaking into the FBI database (so we assume) in his Mugsy's

We imagine hacking away for 12+ hours in normal jeans would be a nightmare to your "boys". And good to know you like the stretch, sounds like you'll love our new line...So did you notice an increase in your sex life since wearing Mugsy's?

There was a period shortly after acquiring my Mugsy's where my sex life flourished. After a year of wearing them every day, I would say the magical effects have worn off. Maybe the new styles coming out this summer will rejuvenate some swag? In all seriousness, the girls I know really like Mugsy jeans and typically tell their boyfriends to get a pair.

Ryan Francis blog post excerpt

Haha, if only all side effects were so good! You reached out praising the jeans, which inspired us to do this post on you. What specifically makes Mugsy your new favorite jeans?

Well, I would say the main things are their fit (slim), quality/durability, comfortability, and color. These jeans are 10 times better than the J. Crew jeans I own. In fact, one of my pairs of J. Crew jeans ripped within a year. My Studio Blues (which I wear almost daily) are still going strong.

Damn, that's great to hear! After that pitch, we feel like we need you to confirm that we're not paying you to say any of this.

Haha, I bought the jeans from you, so technically I paid you to say this!

Good point! Any tips or improvements you think we could make?

Chop chop. I’m ready for the new styles to come out!

Mugsy Jeans Comfortable Slim Fit Jeans For Men

Sorry ladies, he's taken

We're on it; still on pace for a June/July launch, so your ass will be lookin' fine in a few new shades in no time! Anywho, you're a developer, what do you expect will be the future of e-commerce?

I’m really interested in The Grid right now. This tool uses artificial intelligence to create a website that is continuously changing, updating, and improving its layout and content.

That's both exciting and terrifying...The Terminator comes to mind. [Note to reader, Mugsy has since signed up as a founding member of The Grid!] We plan to stick to jeans for the near future, but what would you like us to expand our model to next?

Khaki’s are probably a natural progression for Mugsy. I would also be interested in shorts. 

We'll keep that in mind. What would you say to all the people reading this about Mugsy?

If you’re a guy, take the plunge and get yourself a pair; you’ll never go back. If you're a girl, get a pair for your guy and you might even find yourself being the one to initiate your next romantic engagement.

Haha I guess we'll need to put a "caution disclaimer" in this post. That's all we got for you Ryan. Thanks for letting us pick your brain and snap some sexy pics of you. Keep on being the man!

Thank you guys! June can't come soon enough.

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