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Upgrades Since Our Kickstarter

Starting a new brand is hard work, it took us years and countless hours to get this far. But everything we've worked to create (the style, the voice, image) is nothing without you, our followers and supporters. We realize that it's not enough to put a product out there that we like and expect you to like it the same. We realize it's important to create a product that you like. So who better to ask for advice on the product than you?

For that reason, we take feedback very seriously. In the past few months, we've distributed surveys and reached out to you to get feedback on our jeans. We received a lot of praise but also a lot of ideas on improvements. In creating the Mugsy line, we made it a priority to put your comments to use, to make a better jean. Here are the key changes you can look forward to:

1) Zippers - Some of you mentioned the zippers would fall and need to be zipped back up throughout the day. A few of you also said that the zippers were flimsy or broke. These are common issues with zippers, and this is exactly why many jeans brands use buttons instead. We considered doing the same, but we realized buttons suck (who wants to undo 5-6 buttons every time you have to take a wiz? We're men, that process is supposed to be quick and easy  for us!). Plus, making the switch to buttons would have been the easy way out.

Mugsy Jeans YKK Locking Zippers

The Mugsy locking zippers

We searched far and wide until we found a strong zipper that locks. Now on your Mugsy's, all you'll have to do is flip the zipper head down to lock it in place. Check and check.

2) Button & Rivets - There was also dissatisfaction with the buttons and rivets. The biggest complaint was that the "branding" was weak (or in the case of the rivets, non-existent). For the Kickstarter, we used laser technology to etch our mark onto the buttons, but the etching was hard to see. For the Mugsy line, we created molds to indent or stamp our branding into the buttons and rivets.

Mugsy Jeans YKK Copper Button and Rivets

The Mugsy button and rivets

We were also told that the button was small and felt insignificant. For the Mugsy line, we created a wider and thicker button. Though this may seem like an inconsequential change, we immediately noticed the difference and were shocked at how much better it felt and looked. 

Mugsy Jeans YKK Copper Button

I like big buttons and I can not lie

3) Tags - Many of our backers noted they wished we had better tags or branding on the inside of the jeans (we previously had a single tag with our brand in baby font). We thought on how we could improve this and realized tags suck too (Michael Jordan practically became a billionaire from going tagless with Hanes, so we figured he must be on to something).

Slimbs Hang Tag

Death to tags!

For the Mugsy line, we chose to use all screen printing instead. Now, our Mugsy's will have our logo and name inked onto the front left pocket and all size, style, and care info. inked into the other. The result is more noticeable without annoying tags. 

4) Sizing - Some of our backers complained that the jeans were too big or too tight (mostly on the tight side). We discovered that this was largely a result of the backer getting the wrong size. Unfortunately, Kickstarter is a pre-order system (each pair is made to order) so we couldn't accept exchanges or returns.

For the Mugsy line, we chose to remedy this in a few ways. First, we'll offer free shipping and returns/exchanges. Also, our packaging will be resealable and come with a pre-printed return label. This way if the sizing is off, you simply slap the return label on the package your Mugsy's came in, put the package in your mailbox, and we'll send you back the size you want. Easy peasy.

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Urban Style

Sized perfectly so you can do this.

But we also understand it's frustrating to make a return/ exchange, even if it is an easy process. To reduce the number of returns/exchanges, we're creating a "Fit Guide" that will lay out the key measurements of our jeans so it's easier for you to determine the right size for you.

Those are the four big changes we're making. We think you're gonna love the results, but let us know if you have any other thoughts by commenting below or sending us an email...your feedback will always be a priority to us here at Mugsy.

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