3 Ways To Become A Mugsy Social Media Star

Squid Inks with Mugsy T-shirt in construction zone

Warning: It’s all fun and games and no one is meant to get hurt. 


Social media is filled with trolls and fierce competitors. Whether it’s positive, negative, or anywhere in between, people are always going to have something to say on social platforms. You’ve got to take a risk and take a chance...We want to show you how to really stand out against your competitors and slay them with your social media game. If you follow these simple rules, you’ll slay all day! 


1. Make sure you take pictures in the most inconvenient places

Yes, we are talking about the most inconvenient of all places. This includes construction zones, in the middle of a busy street, or even at the grocery store where innocent people are just trying to get their food for the week. You need your pictures, so everyone else can deal with it. Your pose should be extending your legs as far as possible to show the Mugsy stretch. You should take up the whole aisle at the grocery store or get in the way of the construction workers. Don’t forget your Mugsys, though. They are the most important part...



2. Make sure half of your body is out of the mirror for a mirror selfie

Mirror selfies are not meant for people to see your whole body. They should only see half of you. Yes, half of your body in the mirror and half out of it. This provides the best results for your selfie. You leave viewers are left wondering what the other half of you looks like. You can pose or just make the sexiest face you can make. If your eyes aren’t crossed then your tongue should be sticking out! 



3. Make the most attractive pose you can

This is difficult because how do you know what you look like while posing? Your photographer should always direct you for best results. Your Mugsys are flexible and will allow for any and every movement. We’d recommend showing off the Mugsy stretch we all love so much. You could also show off the Mugsy signature blue lining. This is best done by laying on the ground and putting your legs in the air. You should always smile because it looks like you’re having fun! 



Boom! You’ve graduated and become a social media star. Congrats! If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below. We’d be happy to help with anything you need!

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