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Mugsy Jeans Free At Home Try Ons

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit American Selvage Denim

In this post, we answer your biggest objections:

Why are Mugsy's priced at the $125 - $150 range?
Why should we buy Mugsy's over other jeans brands?

The answer to both these questions comes down to this: understand that with Mugsy's you're getting: (1) The highest quality jeans in the world, and (2) Free at-home try-ons.

(1) The Highest Quality Jeans In The World:

You (or a significant other) fall into one of two classes of jeans: Non-Premium or Premium.

If you've typically been a Non-Premium jeans guy (i.e. you wear jeans in the less than $100 price range like Lucky's, Gap, JCrew, Levi's, Wranglers, etc.) we need to convince you of why you should upgrade to Mugsy's.

Know this: Mugsy's are on a whole different level than the jeans you're used to. In fact, Mugsy's cost more to make than those jeans sell for.

Making the upgrade to Mugsy's is like trading in your Hyundai for a BMW, or a Squier for an American Strat, or a Dell for a Mac...except in this case, it'll only cost you another ~$50 to experience the mind-blowing difference in quality and comfort.

Is an extra ~$50 worth getting jeans that will last for several more years and make you as comfortable as you are in sweatpants? Seems like a no-brainer.

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Comfortable Jeans Difference

If you've typically been a Premium jeans guy (i.e. you wear jeans in the $170+ range like AG, Joe's, Seven's, etc.) we need to convince you why you should make the switch to Mugsy's.

Know this: Mugsy's are simply better than other Premium jeans.

  1. We hand select the Mugsy denims from the best denims in the world.
  2. We spent years, consulting every expert in the industry, designing our fit.
  3. We hand make Mugsy's right here in the USA.
  4. We sell Mugsy's for 40% less.

Most of the brands listed above use generic denims, have cookie-cutter fits, are made in factories halfway across the world, and are marked up over 500%.

That's just wrong.

(2) Free At-Home Try-Ons

For now, we're only selling Mugsy's online. When you read that, the first thing that probably comes to mind is, "Shit, how do I know if Mugsy's will fit?"

The simple answer is, you don't have to.

Mugsy Jeans Free At Home Try Ons

Because shipping, returns, and exchanges are all free with Mugsy. Choose the size you typically wear, and if you don't like anything about them (e.g., fit, color, etc.) you can send them back to us! No questions asked. Good luck finding free returns at your other jeans brands.

Best of all, we make the at-home-try-on process as easy as possible: Mugsy's come in a resealable bag with a pre-printed return label. All you have to do is put them back in the bag, seal it up, slap the label on the front, and put it back in your mailbox.

It's so simple, it's stupid.

What does all this mean? You can shop for your Mugsy's from the comfort of your couch, risk free.

- Leo, Founder of Mugsy Jeans

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