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The Best Chicago Boutique: Belmont Army

Belmont Army Chicago Mugsy Jeans Hanging

We're STOKED to announce that Belmont Army in Lakeview is the first brick and mortar to stock Mugsy Jeans!

Belmont Army is one of the coolest boutiques you'll ever encounter. For one, it's five stories, and each floor has a different theme, ranging from skate shop to independent men's apparel to army surplus?! In a world full of sterile, predictable retail shops, climbing the different levels of Belmont Army gives you a unique experience of wonder and's like making your way through a fun-house: you never know what's around the next corner, all you know is you're going to like it.

Belmont Army Chicago Speakers

The men's apparel floor, which you first walk into off the streets of Belmont Ave, holds unique designers and labels from all over the world. Most appealing about Belmont Army is that it's tailored to the individual--you can mix and match the varying brands on the shelves to suit your style no matter how unique or mainstream you are; whether you're hipster, skater, or just the common man, they have plenty of cool shit that you'll like.

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Vice
No more balls in a vice!

You can find Mugsy's aptly displayed on the table with a vice (we say "aptly" since Mugsy's "free your balls from feeling like they're in a vice"...obviously). Belmont Army has all four of our styles in stock, including our Blues Traveler's and You're My Boy Blues (currently sold out or in limited sizes on our website).

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Style

If you're looking to give Mugsy's a try in-person or simply want to check out one of the coolest and most unique boutiques in Chicago, stop by Belmont Army ASAP...and don't forget to tell them you're there for Mugsy Jeans ;)

- Leo, Founder of Mugsy Jeans

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