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Style Tip: Leather Sneakers

Every week or so we'll feature cool fashion tips and advice, relatively unknown by the masses, that will make you stand out and look good AF.

Our pick for this week comes from TCG Footwear.

USA Cone selvage denim Soho

We've never been into wearing sneakers as a fashion piece; fashion and sneakers never seemed to vibe well to us. I mean, you can't put leather seats and chrome rims on a minivan and call it a luxury still looks like a wedge of cheese on's still a minivan.

Then we encountered the Porters, our exception to the rule. The Porters are made from suede and 3 types of leather, each with a different style and texture. Reading that, you'd think the Porters would look like a paper mache project gone wrong, but when you see them, they look more like a work of art. Best of all, they're super comfortable right out of the box.

USA Cone selvage men's jeans style

USA Cone selvage raw men's jeans urban style

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