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Style Tip: Up Your Wristwear Game

Communication Bracelet By My Babylonia

In the past, a man's wallet, lighter, briefcase and watch were the few fashion pieces he could use to personalize his style. But in the last decade, these items have become nearly obsolete--wallets are dwindling with ApplePay, watches are more redundant than useful, and carrying a lighter is like wearing a scarlet letter A on your shoulder (no thanks to Truth's anti-tobacco campaign).

So, while women continue to wear more accessories than there are elements on the periodic table, men are practically left with zilch, nothing, nada. As a result, we’ve seen a recent boom in men’s jewelry, specifically in bracelets and rings.

BUT most of the trending men’s jewelry is flashy and downright weird. Just take a look at what pops up on Instagram when you search #mensbracelet:

 Instagram #mensjewelry Feed

…stocked with enough beads and skulls to take part in a Mayan human sacrifice.

We've never been into jewelry, but even we are into rocking a cool and unique wrist-piece that can spice up your look. In this week’s Mugsy Style Pick of the Week, we’re featuring a men’s bracelet that even the common man would enjoy:

Wristewear by My Babylonia.

Communication Bracelet By My Babylonia Style Photo

Though the name is super lame, the beauty of the bracelet is in its subtlety; it's simple enough that you won't look like an extra on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean but unique enough to get noticed and up your style cred.

My Babylonia bracelets are made of candlewick, which is actually very durable and water-resistant. They're also offered in several color options so you can purchase a few to match a particular outfit or wear them together for a variety of looks.

The coolest part about the My Babylonia bracelets: they're infused with nearly imperceptible symbols, each of which represents a different “lost value of life” (e.g., optimism, adaptability, fantasy, etc.). We admit this is atypically deep for us, but in an age where everyone is rocking skulls and bones just because they look cool, we’re drawn to wearing something that can actually have meaning to you.

Communication Bracelet by My Babylonia Closeup

The arrow represents ambition, which serves as a daily reminder for us to relentlessly pursue ours.

My Babylonia has a ton of different bracelet options, some more flashy than others, but their cleaner looks are sure to turn heads and be a conversation starter. Check out all the options here.

*Note - We have no affiliation with any of these brands, we simply dig the products we mentioned :)

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