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Style Tip: The Vintage Army Watch

Timex Army Watch Mugsy Jeans Band

Nowadays, you'll find less and less guys rocking watches. It makes sense; with cell phones, watches have become more ornamental than functional. Plus, most guys would rather drop a few hundred bucks on cool tech (like an iPad or headphones) than on a piece of metal that just sits on your wrist and dies every few months.

That said, watches are still one of the few ways a guy can give his style some personality. And when it comes to style, being unique is the best way to turn heads and get the attention of the ladies. For that reason, we're taking a newfound interest in the old-school timepiece.

Timex Army Watch Mugsy Jeans Band

Our style pick for this week: the Timex Vintage Field Army Watch, which we picked up at J Crew for $98. The field army watch is a throwback to the 1940s military design from Timex's archives. It features a classic white face with slightly distressed numerals, is water proof up to 50 meters, and has glow in the dark hands...all in all, it's a perfect collaboration of simple style and utility.

Mugsy Jeans Slim Fit Jeans For Men Light Blue Denim Style Photo
The Timex Vintage Field Army Watch with a Mugsy selvage band.
The field watch comes stock with an Army-colored strap that is totally replaceable; J Crew offers a bunch of cool looks that you can easily switch out to match your outfit. We even made our own band for the watch using excess selvage denim from our Jefe jeans. For a classier look, you can switch out the band for a leather strap.


Timex Weekender Watch with Horween Leather Band

Timex Weekender watch with Horween Leather band.

 Overall, the Timex Vintage Field Army Watch is fashionable, durable, affordable, and personalizable...all the "able's" you could ever ask for. If you're searching for a simple watch to get you back into the game, this wrist-piece is the perfecter starter.

-Leo, founder of Mugsy Jeans

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