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Denim Bikinis: Mugsy Jeans X LeBarf

These ladies rocked the hell out of our Mugsys.

Mugsy Jeans Beach Tug of War
Love In The Air. 

We were tired of looking at pictures of our own asses. So we started searched people to collaborate with. When we met the sexy ladies of LeBarf Bikinis, we couldn't deny the immediate connection.

Skin Deep

Sure, on the surface we're an unlikely match (men's jeans and women's bikinis??). But deep down we have a lot of common threads (clothing pun):
  • Apparel startups in a non-fashion city.
  • Classic styles with a revolutionary twist.
  • Founded from frustration with the market. 

It Takes Two To Tango

So we did what any strangers would...we took half naked photos of each other and posted them on Instagram. Here are a few:

Mugsy Jeans on Bikini Model
Mugsy Jeans and Bikini Model
Mugsy Jeans on Bikini Model Backside
Mugsy Jeans and LeBarf Skinny Dipping
You'll have to peruse our Instagram page to see the rest ;)
And if you know a girl that happens to swim or go to the beach or not live under a rock, do her a favor and point her towards the next big thing in women's

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