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Go-To Mugsy Summer Style with Bows-N-Ties

Hot summer days shouldn't get in the way of rocking your go-to, everyday jeans. That's why we design our FLx denim to be lightweight and super-breathable, so you can keep cool and comfortable no matter the temperature outside.

With summer in full swing, we've got our signature summer look down—fool proof for nights out, casual Fridays and weekend getaways.

We start with our Fultons—a dark wash with light fading for that perfect balance of casual yet polished.

Pattern play is important here, and mixing it up with some stripes and florals keeps you in the perfect zone of 'stylish without trying too hard.'

Key to that: make the accessory your statement piece. For us, we chose a floral linen tie coupled with a striped button-down.

To stay in line with 'keeping it casual,' wrap your feet in a pair of plain white sneaks and cuff your Mugsys to show off that blue inseam stripe!

Last but not least, add in a matching linen pocket square and striped socks to tie it all together.

Trust me when I say this is a look you'll want to rock all summer long. And be sure to check out Bows-N-Ties to accessorize your Mugsys this summer :)

Mugsy On,

Mugsy Founder Leo Signature

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