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Shooting The Shit With Fashion Photographer JP Quindara.

JP Quindara is a young, Chicago-native fashion photographer who's quickly making a name for himself in the industry.

I had the chance to sit down with JP and pick his brain on tips for newbie photographers, his favorite shoot, and much more.

Enter JP.

JP Quindara Taking Fashion Photo

LT: Where’d you grow up and what’s your background?

JP: I grew up in Forest Park, a west suburb of Chicago. My parents are immigrants from the Philippines who came here for better work opportunities.

LT: How you get into photography?

JP: Photography for me started around 7th grade when I’d use my cell phone to capture daily life with my friends...whether we were skating or shimmying our way through the CTA blue line exit gate for a free ride to the city haha.

LT: When did you start taking photography seriously?

JP: In high school when I got my first DSLR, a Nikon D80. It was originally a camera my dad bought so he can photograph my and my sister's graduations. But after those festivities, the camera collected dust so I decided to pick it up and teach myself how to use it.

JP Quindara In Mugsy Jeans Holding DSLR Camera

I always look for clean timeless fashion.

LT: What do you do now?

JP: Currently, I am a freelance photographer and I primarily shoot fashion portraiture. I also co-found Pogi Studios where I creative direct cinematography projects.

LT: How did you get into photography professionally?

JP: I attended some photography meets in Chicago where I met some local filipinos who started a Facebook group called Filipino Photographers of Greater Chicago. Through that, I started assisting weddings and other events.

LT: So how did you transition into fashion photography from there?

JP: I met a photographer named RB Del Rosario through that group and I started assisting his fashion test shoots. That’s when I realized that fashion was the photography I wanted to pursue my craft in.

JP Quindara Fashion Photoshoot

Light! It's all about the light.

LT: Who do you look up to in the photography world?

JP: I love Alexi Lubomirski for his edginess and how he uses his environments in his fashion shoots.

LT: What's your favorite photo you've taken and why?

JP: The photo from my first publication in Elements magazine, it best represents my style and use of environment...

JP Quindara Photography Element Magazine

LT: What is the one hack you would give to readers who want to take better photos?

JP: Light! It’s all about the light. Most people are obsessed with getting a “great camera to take clear pics” when light can make any photograph from any camera great.

LT: What's the best camera a newbie can get to start taking more legit photos?

JP: Any entry-level DSLR! I’d also recommend a 50mm f/1.8 lens to go with it.

LT: What's your life motto?

JP: My current motto is from my favorite basketball player Kobe Bryant’s bio-documentary, Muse...

Kobe Bryant Documentary Muse Quote

LT: What's a normal Saturday look like for you?

JP: A trip to the gym, a test shoot, some editing, some dancing, and I always somehow end up in Chinatown for midnight dim sum.

LT: Haha, along those lines, what’s your favorite food? Music?

JP: Roasted Peking Duck is my current go to favorite food. And I love hip hop…You’ll probably hear some Young Thug and Future coming from my speakers during a shoot.

LT: What is important to you when it comes to fashion?

JP: I always look for clean timeless fashion. I like to keep it dark, neutral, and basic.

JP Quindara Photography In Mugsy Jeans

LT: What's your go-to outfit?

JP: Black crew neck tee, some ripped up Mugsys, and Adidas sneakers (I like the NMDs) or Doc Martens depending on my mood.


Check out @jpquindara on Insta to see what JP is up to!

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