The Difference Between V1 And V2 Denim

Kinzies - V1 Fabric
A frequently asked question is “What is the difference between V1 and V2 fabric?”  


This is a common question because of the price difference between the Kinzies, Mags and our other denim. The price difference is due to the material and the production process. They are not lesser quality than other jeans. It’s just much easier to make the jeans with the V1 fabric because we have an abundance of it in our factory. The denim only needs to be cut and sewn in the production process which shortens the production time by an entire month! The fabric for V2 denim needs to be specially made for our other jeans. This has to happen before the jeans are even cut and sewn. This makes the entire production process 3 months long, whereas the Kinzies and Mags only takes 2 months.  


The main “ingredient” in our jeans is cotton, which is the main material in all denim. Our jeans just have other key materials that make them a killer look and feel unbelievably comfortable. Polyester is another material found in our jean fabric, and this is the most durable and long lasting fabric. Cotton and polyester complement one another well. Cotton’s comfortability and polyester’s strength make this the perfect duo. This duo mixed with spandex creates a flexible, color retaining, durable, and long-lasting product! It doesn’t get better than that. 


Our V1 and V2 fabric have the same materials, but differ slightly in the percentage of each material. Regardless, you can expect great quality from both fabrics! The production process is where the V1 and V2 fabric really differ. Thanks for reading the blog post this week! We hope this clarifies the difference between our lower priced jeans and the rest. If you have any additional questions about V1 and V2 fabric then you can comment below.

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