We can talk about how awesome our jeans are all day, but obviously we're as biased as Kanye West is about Kanye West (hint: that means we’re super biased).

So how can you take our word for it that Mugsy's are the best jeans you'll ever wear?

The answer is simple...DON'T.

Instead, take our biggest critic turned full-blown Mugsy Man’s word for it.

Meet Marc. Marc is a software engineer in NYC. Marc discovered Mugsy on Instagram and reached out expressing his excitement about our launch...in his words "My body is ready for Mugsy's. Literally."

But a few days after Mugsy went live, we noticed Marc didn't get himself a pair. So we followed up with him and said, "Marc, what gives??"

Marc responded with all his thoughts and criticisms of Mugsy. In his own words:

"I was drawn to this brand because it seemed like it was finally a brand that would allow me to wear slim jeans while not trading in my ability to sit, move, or walk and without smashing my wallet. When I first saw the price point, I was like — man — these must be the real deal but am I going to take the 'risk' on these jeans?"

We knew the only way to show Marc that we’re not all talk when it comes to our jeans was for him to try them on. So we sent him a pair.

A few days later, we received an email from Marc with a link to his YouTube review of the jeans. Here it is. 


We'd like to reiterate that Marc is a total stranger to us, and we did not pay him or even ask him to make this video...though we're glad he did.

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