Men's Fall Outfit Ideas Feat. Ports

Men's Fall Outfit Ideas Feat. Ports

When you find clothes that look good and feel comfortable all day then you'll never look back. This outfit is shown casual and work ready. You don't even have to change your outfit, just remove some layers. Take a look at these outfits and the new product launches they feature.
Kinzies - V1 Fabric

The Difference Between V1 And V2 Denim

One of the most common questions we've received is, "What is the difference between V1 and V2 fabric?" We will explain why the Mags and Kinzies are at a lower price point than the rest of our jeans.
Squid Inks with Mugsy T-shirt in construction zone

3 Ways To Become A Mugsy Social Media Star

We have 3 fun and exciting ways for you to become a Mugsy social media star. Follow these simple rules and you're going to slay the social media game. Laughing is suggested.
Mugsy jeans and chinos with the blue patch

How Jeans Are Made

There is an extensive process that your denim goes through before you get them in your hands. We have perfected the process making the most comfortable jeans you'll ever wear. Find out how we make our denim.
Football Tailgating For Beginners

Football Tailgating For Beginners

Are you clueless when it comes to football tailgating? That's alright! You'll learn all about how to pull off the perfect one! If you're a pro, come check out our beer list and don't forget to wear your Mugsys to every tailgating party!

Mugsy Jeans denim Darkest Blue

How To Wear The Mags and Darkest Blues

The Mags and Darkest Blues are the newest arrivals to our jean collection. We have put together four outfits with these new arrivals for the fall season— including the best places to rock them.