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See that guy in the video up there? That’s me, Leo, founder of Mugsy Jeans.

I'm not a fashion guy, I actually used to be in finance! Until one fateful day a friend told me I looked like a grandpa in my jeans.

I was surprised, but deep down I knew she was right...My loose fitting clothes made me look like a joke.

So I went to the department store and tried on every slim jean they had. But after hours of cramming myself into countless pairs, I couldn’t find anything close to comfortable.

I've never been one to compromise, so I set out to fix the problem myself. The goal was simple--Make jeans:

  • You look good in,
  • With breathing room for your crotch, &
  • That are as comfortable as sweatpants.
After years of development, working side by side with industry experts and testing thousands of different fabrics, I finally landed on the Mugsy FLx line.

Now guys can have confidence in the way they look and feel. And when you're confident, there's no stopping you.

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