Mugsy Jeans Interview With Hobey Baker Winner Blake Geoffrion

Shooting The Sh*t With Hobey Baker Winner Blake Geoffrion

by Team Mugsy on October 30, 2018

Blake Geoffrion rocking his Mugsy Squid Ink's and Team USA jersey (which he casually had hanging in the back of his closet...)

Blake Geoffrion is a 4th generation NHL hockey player from Nashville...his grandfather, "Boom Boom" Geoffrion, invented the slapshot (no, you didn't read that wrong). After playing on Team USA in his teens, Geoffrion joined the Wisconsin Badgers, where he took home the Hobey Baker Award (aka the Heisman of hockey) his senior year.

In 2010, he went pro with his hometown Nashville Predators, where he played for three years before suffering a career-ending head injury. Geoffrion continues to be involved in the sport as a pro scout for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Enter Hobey Baker Winner Blake Geoffrion.

LT: So did you come out of the womb with a hockey stick in hand?

BG: Haha no, I started playing hockey when I was 3 years old and skating when I was 2.

LT: Who did you idolize in the sport growing up?

BG: My idol growing up when I was a kid was my dad...I wanted to make the NHL like he did. 

LT: When did you find out you were good?

BG: The pivotal moment was when I made Team USA at the age of 16. We went on to win the U-18 world championship.

Blake Geoffrion wearing Squid Ink Mugsy Jeans

I love the sport, it's in my blood.

LT: So you play for Team USA and win the gold, now it's time to move on to college, why Wisconsin?

BG: Because it has a great education, it's a beautiful city, and an unbelievable hockey program. Some say it is the best in all of college hockey, I agree.

LT: What's your favorite hockey moment in your life?

BG: I'd say it's a tie between winning the Gold Medal at the World Championships in 2006 and winning the Hobey Baker Award my senior year.

LT: So after college, you go pro for a few years before suffering a career ending injury. What was going through your head then?

BG: I love the sport, it's in my blood...Two of my grandfathers are in the Hall of Fame (while my Dad and I are in the Hall of Shame, HA!.) But I didn't want to leave the game. I was excited when the Blue Jackets offered me a job as a pro scout. I've been doing it ever since. 

 LT: Very cool, let's switch gears, I'm gonna fire off some rapid fire questions. Who's the coolest person you ever met?

BG: Hands down Garth Brooks. I met him in passing in Nashville. He's a great dude, one of the most genuine guys you'll ever meet.

Blake Geoffrion wearing Mugsys and Team USA jersey

Comfort definitely comes first, then fit...they both go hand in hand.

LT: What's your life motto?

BG: Adversity only makes you stronger.

LT: Favorite movie or book?

BG: They're the same: Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.

LT: I'm sensing an adversity theme here haha...What's your ideal Saturday look like?

BG: Sleep in, eat brunch, workout, watch a movie, go out to dinner, demolish some ice cream, and then hit the bed.

LT: Boxers or briefs?

BG: Briefs, but I like to "free my balls" on occasion haha.

LT: What is important to you when it comes to style and the clothes you wear?

BG: A combination of comfort and great fit. Comfort definitely comes first, then fit. I guess they both go hand in hand.

Blake Geoffrion wearing black Mugsy Jeans

LT: Absolutely! What's your go-to outfit?

BG: Mugsy Jeans, State and Liberty dress shirt, Tom's brown chukka boots. Clean and simple.

LT: Boom, love it.