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Why Every Guy Needs a Pair of Gray Jeans

by Team Mugsy on September 17, 2018

Blue jeans are the staple of a guy's wardrobe for good reason: they're versatile, durable, low maintenance...the list goes on and on. And with offices turning more and more casual, we now find ourselves wearing jeans nearly every time we leave the house.

Amazing when you have jeans as comfortable as Mugsy's, but wearing blue jeans day in and day out eventually feels monotonous.

This is where gray jeans come in, and in this post we're going to walk you through the top 3 reasons why gray jeans are the secret weapon your closet needs.

#1—They Look Good on Everyone

As a rule of thumb, every guy should have a blue, dark blue and black pair of jeans. But one comment we often hear from guys is that they "don't know how to pull off black." Admittedly, black can be a bit harder to style (especially for guys with lighter skin tones) since it's on the extreme end of the spectrum.

Men's Gray Athletic Jeans

Not the case for gray jeans. Since gray is softer, it works well for everyone.

#2—They Go With Everything

GQ thinks grey jeans are "a subtle way to break up other dark hues in your outfit while still achieving that sleek look". Gray is the neutral of all neutral colors, and for that reason it works well with everything—greens, blues, reds, yellows, blacks, whites, etc. Ironically, the only color that can be difficult to wear with gray jeans is...gray itself. Even then, just vary the shades of gray and you'll be golden:

Men's Gray Denim

#3—They Give an Edgier (Yet Safe) Look

We've all been at a bar and seen a guy that just looks cool and thought to ourselves, "I wish I could pull that off." Here's a secret, you can; and gray jeans are exactly what you need to do it.

Grey jeans versatile outfit

Gray denim gives you an edgier style without being overly trendy. And as we covered in #2 above, gray jeans go with everything, which makes them nearly impossible to mess up. 

At the end of the day, gray jeans are the secret weapon every guy needs in his wardrobe; they're the perfect go-to option when you're looking to switch it up from your blue denim. Keep an eye out for your next favorite pair of Mugsys this fall ;)

Gray Jeans Signature

P.S.—Many thanks to model Diggy Moreland for collaborating with us on this post!