How To Wash Your Jeans And Proper Jeans Maintenance

How To Wash And Maintain Your Blue Jeans

The #1 question we get from Mugsy guys is "How should I wash my jeans?" 

We specifically develop Mugsys to be warp & shrink resistant, but you should always take certain measures to maintain your jeans. The good news is it's easier than you think! Here are the top 4 things you should know:


  • Wash inside out on cold—This helps keep their color longer.
  • Use minimal detergent—The movement of water through the fabric is mainly responsible for cleaning your clothes (not the soap), so don't overdo it!
  • Don't over wash your jeans—We can't stress this point enough. The indigo dye in jeans is naturally germ resistant, so you don't need to wash them as much as other clothes. We recommend only washing them when they have a stain or begin to smell.

Summary: Wash them inside out on cold using minimal detergent—and don't over wash!

How To Wash Your Blue Jeans


    • Best practice: Tumble dry for ~5 minutes then hang dry—Heat breaks down denim faster; drying for a few minutes will remove wrinkles and hang drying from there will help them last longest.
    • Next best practice: Tumble dry on low—A little heat will actually remove wrinkles and tighten up your jeans a bit. Just be sure to avoid high heat.

    Summary: Tumble drying on low is OK, hang drying is best.

    How To Dry Your Blue Jeans


    • All jeans will bleed at first—Jeans are pretty much just cotton that is dyed blue, so bleeding will always happen in the early stages especially for darker styles.
    • Wait several wears before that first wash—Give some time for the dye to set in (i.e. approx. one month).
    • Add a cup of vinegar to first few washes—Vinegar helps the dye set in better. Don't worry, the vinegar won't leave a smell on your jeans either!

    Summary: Wait several wears before that first wash & add a cup of vinegar to the first few washes.

    **Always avoid light-colored furniture and clothing for the first several wears of a new pair of jeans.**

        How To Minimize And Reduce Blue Jeans Dye Bleeding


          • Avoid water & heat altogether—Bacteria buildup is actually responsible for your clothes smelling bad, kill the odor-causing bacteria with cold.
          • Freeze your jeans overnight—Put them in a bag and throw them in the freezer while you sleep.
          • Then tumble dry for ~10 minutes—Include a dryer sheet to freshen them up.

          Summary: Freeze your jeans overnight then tumble dry them for ~10 mins.

          If all that seems like a lot, don't worry! As we mentioned, we developed the Mugsy denim to be more durable than your other jeans so you can pretty much do whatever you want with them and you'll be fine—The above pointers will just help you get the most out of your Mugsys.