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Style Tip—How To Wear Jeans In The Summer

It's a problem as old as time—Jeans are your go-to pants, but what do you do when it's 80 degrees and humid outside?

Our answer: Still wear jeans.

With a few surprisingly simple tweaks, you can keep cool and comfortable in your Mugsys during the summer. Here are our tips to beat the heat:


In the hot summer months, your #1 enemy is body heat—The more covered you are, the more heat gets trapped under your clothes and the hotter you feel.

By cuffing your jeans, you allow airflow at your ankles and give your body heat an escape route. Plus you'll look stylish and will have a chance to show off the Mugsy blue inseam stripe!

Mugsy Jeans How to Cuff Summer Blue Jeans

Extra tip: Don't wear a belt. By putting on a tight belt, you essentially trap all that rising body heat too.


The sun loves your dark jeans as much as you do. And while they may be your ol' faithfuls, they're absorbing a lot more rays than their lighter cousins. Take advantage of the summer style season, bust out your lighter jeans and keep your legs cool!

Mugsy Jeans How to Wear Light Blue Jeans in Summer


The last thing you want in summer is stuffy socks and sweaty feet. Start with a low-ankle & breathable shoe—opt for canvas sneaks (e.g. Chuck Taylors or Sperrys) over leather. Then throw on a no-show sock to keep your feet fresh throughout the day.

Mugsy Jeans Shoes to Wear with Light Blue Jeans in Summer


Last but not least, don't forget about your upper-half. Lightweight, natural fabrics (like linen or cotton) and a short-sleeve tee or button-up will keep your body temp and sweat level down. Having a cool upper-body will go a long way towards keeping your lower half in check!

Mugsy Jeans How to Wear Jeans in Summer Style Outfit

Now grab your Lake Shores, get out there and always Mugsy on :)

Mugsy Jeans How to Cuff Summer Blue Jeans Signature

—Leo, Founder.

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