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5 Reasons Every Guy Should Own Chinos

by Adam Lebowitz on June 30, 2023

5 Reasons Every Guy Should Own Chinos

If you’ve never understood why chinos are a true menswear essential, chances are you’ve had this thought: I’ve got a pair of jeans and a pair of dress pants, why would I need chinos?

Here’s the deal. If you like saving time or closet space, and if you like being comfortable, these middle-of-the-road pants are unmatched. They’re also perfect for guys who don’t like thinking about what to wear.

Here are 5 reasons chinos are wardrobe necessities for men:

1. They’re Extremely Versatile

Out of any style of men’s pants, chinos span the widest range of dress codes. You can wear them to the office or on a date, during a wedding, and they’re effective as a no-think, grab-and-go for running errands. Basically, unless you’re at the gym, chinos are perfect.

Plus, you can make wildly different looks with the same pair. Imagine having a casual event, say at a pub, after a long work day. If you paired chinos with your shirt, tie, and suit jacket, all you need to do is ditch the jacket and tie, untuck that shirt, and you’ve gone from formal to relaxed in seconds.

No stopping home. No having to bring a change of clothes to work.

2. They’re Durable and Easy-Maintenance

Chinos are the kind of garment that actually benefit from less washing. Unless you get a stain on them, or they become offensively odorous after a hot day, you can wear them a good eight times before they need to be cleaned.

The twill weave composition fortifies the pants, making them resilient and long-lasting. Mugsy Chinos, by the way, are even stronger than typical models because the formula includes more stretch and less cotton.

3. They’re Comfortable

Speaking of stretch and twill weaving, it’s that very construction that makes these pants so limber. They’re way more comfortable than formalwear. 

The more stretch in the formula of the chinos, the greater range of motion they give you. Not only does this add to the comfort factor, but also to the versatility factor. Impromptu flag football tournament at the company picnic? No problem. Stretch chinos are made for you to kick around in.

4. You Can Express Your Personal Style (Or Not)

The best chinos tend to come in a lot of different colors and shades. Good clothiers know that people turn to chinos for their versatility. So whether you want to express your lively personal style with orange and bright peach hues, or go for a more practical and military-esque olive or forest green, you’ll likely find chinos in the colorway you’re looking for.

If you’d rather stick to an understated aesthetic, there are plenty of neutrals that don’t send any specific message other than that you look effortlessly good. That twill weave is so opaque and wrinkle-resistant that it makes any color look vivid and rich, even simple khaki and white tones.

5. Timeless but Cool

Regardless of what color you choose, chinos achieve a tough balancing act of style: They’re classics (they probably were a staple in your grandfather’s rotation), yet they aren’t stodgy. Rock stars wear them, as do royals.

Chinos first came about in the late 1800s and were worn by American soldiers. A lot of menswear essentials have come out of the army, from field watches to combat boots. Unlike combat boots though, chino pants can and should be worn by anyone.

You can wear them with a utility shirt and jacket to lean into their cool factor or go with loafers, a button-up, and a sports jacket to class it up. You can even strike a middle ground by cuffing them, then sporting white leather sneakers and a button-down. Truly, they’re the most adaptable men’s pants.

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