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Men's Fall Outfit Ideas Feat. Ports Men's Fall Outfit Ideas Feat. Ports

Men's Fall Outfit Ideas Feat. Ports

Team Mugsy • 21 October 2019

We’ve had a lot of product launches recently and still have more to come! Our chinos are one of those launches. We’ve relaunched them to include a 4 way stretch that gives them superior comfort. We’re going to highlight the Ports for you in this blog post. The burgundy red is a popular color for the fall and Holiday season. You’ll want to be wearing these for holiday parties, apple picking, and more! They’re finally back after being gone for almost a year and better than ever. We’ve included a more formal/work outfit and a casual outfit for days outside of the office!



This first outfit includes our Everyblazer and our Cashtec Gray Tee. They are just as flexible and comfortable as our signature jeans and our chinos! You’ll be ready for work, but you’ll feel like you’re still in your pajamas. This seems like a win-win to us! As previously mentioned, the Ports are back. We love these pants because, unlike other colors that are more neutral, these make the outfit when you wear them. The other chino colors are an addition to your outfit, while the Ports are the chino you build your outfit around! All you have to do is add a pair of loafers or oxfords.



This second outfit is more of a weekend casual outfit or after work. Our gray tee and Ports are included in this one! We’ve just taken off the blazer. The blazer is super versatile! You can wear it to work or out with the guys. We’ve just taken it off for this look. Then instead of your work shoes we’ve added some sneaks. It’s a super simple change, but just makes this outfit look more casual. It’s still stylish though! But c’mon, when do our chinos not look stylish?



These two fall outfit ideas will carry you into winter too! The Ports will last you every season, you’ll just have to change up how you style them. Leave a comment below with any additional questions about the Ports, Everyblazer, or Cashtec Tees. Other than that, we’ll talk to you next time!

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