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Shooting the Shit with Men's Style Icon @DapperProfessional

@DapperProfessional rocking his Mugsys at the Mugsy Lounge

Ben C. is a men's style influencer with over 100k followers on his Instagram page @DapperProfessional and blog Working in corporate finance by day and creating style content by night, Ben is dedicated to showing the young professional how to have bold yet subtle style. I sat down with Ben at the Mugsy Lounge to dive into everything from why he got into fashion to his style advice for the avg. Joe and more. 

Enter Style Icon @DapperProfessional.

LT: You're a finance guy, so how'd you get into blogging and style?

DP: After working in corporate finance for a couple years, I learned a lot from purchasing clothes that didn't fit properly and spending way too much on alterations. That inspired me to create a website that was a style guide for the young professional, to help them avoid all the mistakes I made when I was first building my wardrobe. If you're able to build a proper wardrobe from the beginning, you save yourself a lot of time and money. The style guide still exists on my website today, although I have changed the focus more towards Instagram and website posts.


Men's slim fit jeans style with @DapperProfessional

LT: Have you always been into style?

DP: Yep, you could say that! Growing up I was focused on school and ice hockey, but I also had a creative side—I really enjoyed creating art in a lot of different ways like woodshop and photography. Style has become my way of expressing my creativity, even if it's just putting together a suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, shoes and dress socks combo.

LT: What does being stylish mean to you?

DP: Being stylish is getting dressed with a purpose. As 'formal' as most of my outfits are, I don't think being formal defines being stylish. Regardless of what's in your closet, I think it's more about the conscious effort that you go through to style an outfit.

Men's comfortable slim fit jeans with @DapperProfessional

LT: Totally agree; it's all about  looking good in a way that suits you. What's your typical work outfit look like?

DP: My work uniform is a shirt, tie and suit/blazer combo. As much as I thoroughly enjoy wearing suits, I try to always be mindful of my environment. I work in consulting, so I am definitely not wearing my boldest combinations every day of the week. I'll dress down at work by wearing a blazer which still gives me the elevated look I typically aim for. 

Men's comfortable jeans with @DapperProfessional

LT: I love how that's 'dressing down' for you, that's like black-tie formal for me haha. But like you said, it's all about dressing with a purpose, whatever your purpose is. What's your weekend/going out uniform?

DP: I always enjoy dressing a step up from what's required. On the weekend, that's jeans, button down and blazer, and I mainly keep the button down untucked to keep the entire look more casual. I've recently been wearing jeans, t shirt and blazer for a more unique look.

LT: What're your favorites brands for a suit, dress shirt, shoes, tie, etc?

DP: I am going to challenge myself right now just to give one brand for each category...

  • Denim - Mugsy (that's my unsponsored answer)
  • Dress shirts - Charles Tyrwhitt (spread collar, non-iron)
  • Ties and pocket squares - The Tie Bar
  • Suits - Tailor Store
  • Dress shoes - Allen Edmonds
  • Casual shoes - Greats
  • Boots - Thursday Boots

LT: What's your #1 advice for the avg. joe looking to up his style?

DP: FIT. I can't emphasize this enough and it used to be my biggest mistake. I always advise anyone that fit is the most import characteristic of any outfit. A no-brand item that fits you right will always look better than some designer brand that fits like a box.

Men's blue jeans style with @DapperProfessional

LT: So true, some of the clothes I get the most compliments on are from H&M, just because they have a more tailored/Euro fit. What's your favorite blog or insta for style inspiration?

DP: The @MenWithClass Instagram account has always been my go-to for style inspiration. I think they do the best job of curating content from great influencers all around the world. From an individual perspective, @BlakeScott—he's one of the first major men's fashion influencers for good reason.

LT: Switching it up a bit here, what's your life motto?

DP: I don't think I have ever really lived by one motto, but I believe that accomplishing anything is going to require a lot of work and sacrifices along the way.

Men's athletic fit jeans with @DapperProfessional

LT: So true. I tell myself every day with Mugsy "If it was easy, everyone would do it," and "The hardest things in life are the most rewarding." Favorite book or movie?

DP: I wish I had more spare time to read books and watch movies, but if I'm not working my consulting job, I'm usually creating content.

LT: True to your word about hard work and sacrifice! Last question, boxers or briefs?

DP: Briefs for sure, although I used to be a boxers guy.

LT: Boom.

Don't forget to follow @DapperProfessional on Instagram and check out for more style tips.

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