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The Ins and Outs of Cuffing Your Jeans

by Team Mugsy on October 16, 2017

"Tom Ford believes you should always cuff your pants, and I believe you should always listen to Tom Ford." - GQ Insider Mark Anthony Green

Most guys have a "douchey" stigma about cuffed pants. I get it and like everything douchey in life, I blame the hipsters for taking something originally cool & simple and ruining it for the rest of us.

But we can take it back, and in this post I'm gonna show you when and how to confidently cuff your jeans!

To answer the when, the above quote is proof you can always cuff your jeans. So my rule of thumb is—when in doubt, cuff 'em!

If you want more solid guidelines, only cuff your jeans in these two scenarios:

  1. When you're wearing a low shoe without socks—If your ankles are exposed, cuff your jeans.
  2. When you're wearing a fancier shoe—Uncuffed jeans look goofy to me with fancy shoes (e.g. the boot in the pics throughout this post). The cuff fixes this by acting like a buffer between fancy-looking shoes and comparatively casual-looking jeans.

And that's it! Now for the how—my main rule of thumb is a cuff should always be crisp and thin. Nothing will ruin your style more than an unruly cuff, so keep it clean and you'll be golden.

There are two kinds of cuffs I rock most. First, the half cuff. You simply take the bottom of your jean and fold it up once so you'll see just a sliver of the underside of your jeans:

Mugsy Jeans Half Cuff GIF Guidelines

The beauty of the half cuff is it's subtle yet has a serious style impact. If you do it right, it'll look like this:

Mugsy Jeans How to Half Cuff Your Jeans

The second type of cuff is a full cuff. Basically take your half cuff and fold it once more over itself:

Mugsy Jeans How To Full Cuff Rules GIF

This looks more like a real cuff, and you'll know you did it right if you can see the blue Mugsy inseam stripe. Just remember to keep it tight and about as narrow as the edge of your jeans so it looks like this:

Mugsy Jeans Full Cuff Tutorial

So there it is—a few simple tweaks and you'll be rockin' your cuffed Mugsys with confidence!