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Easy Men's Fall Fashion

by Team Mugsy on October 30, 2018

Now that you got your hands on a pair or two of our new fall collection, check out these easy men's fall fashion tips to keep you looking good and feeling great during these cooler months!

Layering is key.

Like an onion! When the weather is chilly but the sun is out, it's always best to dress in layers. Grab a jacket over a sweater over a long-sleeve tee—That way as you get cold or hot, you can add or remove layers to keep comfortable!

Layering in medium grey jeans

Dark tones for cooler days.

Darker tone colors such as grey, navy, black, olive green, and brown are perfect for fall weather. Plus darker shades blend well together, so you can always be confident your outfit matches and you look good.

Dark colors for the fall

Put your best boot forward.

Boots complete every outfit—100%—and they're super versatile. Rock a fancier boot (with more details/facets like the one below) with a sports coat or chinos; rock a simpler, more monotonous boot with a tee or hoodie. Either way, you really can't go wrong—boots are an easy fall essential!

Boots for your fall outfits

That's it! Three easy steps to looking your best this fall season! Comfort has never looked better.