What To Wear To Dinner With BAE's Family

What To Wear To Dinner With Your Girlfriend's Family

The holidays are around the corner and for those of us in serious relationships, you know what that means—it's time to face her family.

Despite the promise of gluttonous amounts of home-cooked food, one question remains: "What do I wear?" In this post, we picked our three favorite outfits for dinner with the in-laws.

1. Effortlessly Sophisticated

For a polished look that never goes out of style, opt for a collared shirt, gray jeans and a dark dress shoes—like these suede Oxfords. Top it off with a peacoat and you'll be dressed to impress even the toughest critics.

What to wear to dinner with your girlfriend's family

2. Twist on a Holiday Classic

When it comes to dressing for the holidays, a gray knit sweater is always a solid option—it's comfortable, looks classy and is impossible to mess up. Pair it with olive green chinos and brown boots and you'll be golden.

How to dress for dinner with BAE's family

3. Dressed-up Denim

Sometimes you just can't beat a good ol' pair of blue jeans. For a laid-back look with a touch of class, dress up your denim blues with a gray puffer vest and plaid shirt. Finish it off with a pair of boots and you'll be winning over the family in no time.

How to dress for dinner with your wife's family

Now get out there and catch the beautiful butterfly pal!