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How to Style Light Wash Jeans & Summer Denim

by Team Mugsy on June 25, 2018

Whether it's summer or you're on vacation, if the temperature is warm there's no better time to bust out your light-wash jeans! In this post, we walk you through the basics of how to style your summer denim.

#1—Light Jeans = Light Shirt

For any shirt, whether it's a button up or a tee, keep the colors light—gray, white, khaki, etc. One exception here is navy—navy goes with pretty much anything—but with light jeans or pants, it's usually best to avoid colors that contrast too much.

Light Wash Summer Jeans

#2—Light Jeans = Light Fabrics

Light wash jeans give off a more casual vibe, the fabrics you wear should too! Grab a shirt made from a breathable and lightweight material like linen or 100% cotton. Not only do these fabrics have more texture to them (which aligns well with casual summer style) but they'll also keep you cooler.

Pro tip: Rock a short-sleeve button up to elevate your style!

Light Wash Denim For Summer

#3—Light Jeans = Lightweight Shoes

You just went through all that trouble to keep your legs and torso looking good and staying cool during the hotter temps, don't forget about your feet! Trade in the leather and thicker shoes for more lightweight and breathable options like canvas shoes, top-siders or sneakers.

To make the outfit just a little more styled, give a little cuff to the bottom of the jeans (hint: exposing your ankles will keep you cooler too). 

Cuffed Summer Jeans

That's it! These three easy steps will keep your style simple and fresh. And if that sounds like too much, don't overthink it—light wash jeans are casual, and casual style is really hard to mess up. You got this!