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How To Wear The Mags and Darkest Blues

by Team Mugsy on September 13, 2019

There is so much to do at this time of the year so we put together some outfits you can wear to any fall activity. This includes the more casual plans like going to a beer festival or a movie. It also includes your plans that require you to be a little more dressed up like a date night or a concert. 


Fall is filled with lots of activities! A possible basketball game included! This is a casual outfit to wear to the pumpkin patch your girlfriend has been dying to go to or maybe you’re travelling somewhere amazing...Let’s be honest it’s probably work related. Well this outfit is going to work! You will look put together, but you’ll feel like you’re wearing your favorite pajama set your mom bought you for Christmas! You know the ones that are really comfortable. This outfit works great when you are travelling or a fall festival!


Alright, this is a work casual outfit. However, if you have plans for after work this outfit will transition well! We hope you have a lot of jackets for fall! Mens fall fashion in Chicago is all about layers because of our frigid cold weather in the fall and winter months. Our denim will go with every piece of clothing you have to layer with in your closet. AND those that you don’t layer with! Anyways, wear this outfit to coffee shops, work, and even date night! 


Now, the Mags. They are a charcoal gray color with light gray fading on the thighs. They are pretty cool and so versatile between outfits. That’s one of the many qualities of our jeans that will make you a Mugsy fan for life. This outfit looks good and WOW you are going to be so comfortable! Other than work, this is a great outfit for a concert, guys night out, or happy hour!

If you aren’t sure what to wear, vests are the easiest piece of clothing to just throw on! Then add a sweatshirt underneath and your Mugsys of course. A long sleeve T-shirt or a sweater is a good option underneath your vest if you aren’t a sweatshirt kind of guy. This outfit is great for fall festivals, tailgating parties, or your much needed day off work!  


That’s it! If you haven’t bought the Mags or Darkest Blues you need to! As you can tell they pair well with your other fall items in your closet. We hope you enjoyed reading! Comment below with any questions you might have about our newest arrivals.

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