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The famous Mugsy Jeans "stretch" The famous Mugsy Jeans "stretch"

3 Reasons Why Mugsy Jeans Are Different Than The Rest

Team Mugsy • 03 September 2019

Mugsy Jeans was started because of how hard it was to find a pair of jeans with the perfect fit. Leo struggled to find jeans that fit his legs just right growing up. There were no jeans that fit well and shopping was not a fun task. You shouldn’t have to settle for jeans you feel just okay in. Your jeans should feel SO good because if they do then you’ll feel so good and thrive. We’ve mastered the jean of your dreams. Comfort is key. Looking good is key. Being able to live your life is key. Rather you are a Mugsy Jeans fan or have never heard of us, these following reasons are why we are different than the rest.

1. Looks like denim, feels like a cloud!

I’m sure you are thinking right now there is no possible way a jean can feel soft and still be durable. Well believe it because our jeans are a magical formula! A lot of jeans can be itchy and constricting. You sacrifice stretch for durability or durability for comfort. The material in our jeans create a durable AND comfortable product. The rayon fabric makes our jeans soft and the spandex fabric makes our jeans stretchy and durable. It’s a mix we’ve been able to master and our jeans only keep getting better.

Photo by @andrew.wilson44

2. Say goodbye to a tight crotch!

Our denim will let your boys breath. A lot of denim is restricting and not stretchy. However, it’s durable. You will be able to wear Mugsys all day and not come home wanting to rip them off. The spandex in the denim will make the jeans move with you instead of against you. Don’t worry, there is just enough spandex in the Mugsy formula to make our jeans flexible. Your manhood needs to breath too and they will in Mugsys.

Photo by @andrew.wilson44

3. There’s no activity that can’t be done!

There’s no activity that your Mugsys can’t handle. We promise! They were created for you to be able to live your life in them. This means you can work in them even if your work is a soccer coach or a construction worker. You won’t feel like you need to change to get out of your uncomfortable work pants. They are stylish and versatile enough to transition from work to play! After a long day, you won’t need to bring extra pants to go to your favorite bar after work because your Mugsys will still feel comfortable and look great.

That’s it! Comment below with any of your stories about how hard it is finding jeans that fit. Feel free to comment below with any questions you have about our product as well. Now go live your best life in your Mugsys!

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