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How To Extend The Life Of Your Favorite Chinos

by Team Mugsy on August 22, 2019

 A frequently asked question is “How should I wash my chinos?”

For those of you new to the chino game, our chinos are just as amazing as our denim! They are extra stretchy and just as durable. So yes, you can kick and run in them if you’d like! We’ve had a handful of questions lately regarding the care of them. You can always ask us questions about them, but you can also come here look for your answers. 



It seems like a daunting task to know how to wash chinos. If you have any questions about how to wash jeans go to caring for jeans. They seem quite different in terms of material. However, chinos and jeans are made of the same material. I KNOW! You wouldn’t think that by looking at them side by side! Jeans just contain a few more “ingredients” than chinos! Therefore, caring for both of them is similar! We have a few tips and tricks that will extend the life of your favorite pair of Mugsy chinos. Follow these and your Mugsys should have a long life: 

  • Turn inside out when washing- This helps the color from fading!
    • Hang to dry after washing- They can shrink if you throw them in the dryer and also the fabric can be worn out more quickly from the dryer!
    • Wash every 5-8 wears unless they get stained or start to smell- The washing machine will take a toll on your chinos and you’ll notice it over time! You want to try to minimize it as much as possible. 
    • Switch off wearing 2 or more pairs so that you don’t wear one pair out- If you feel like you need to wash your chinos all the time because you only have one pair, buy a few more of our other colors! 

      For style, iron chinos after washing and drying to get out wrinkles- Sometimes chinos will get a little wrinkled after the washing process! Grab your steamer and give them some steam! Our new 4-way stretch chinos are wrinkle resistant and shouldn't wrinkle at all.



      If all that seems like a lot, don't worry! The Mugsy chino was developed to be more durable than your other chinos so you can pretty much do whatever you want with them and you'll be fine—The above pointers will just help you get the most out of your Mugsys.

       If you have any questions or concerns, comment below! 

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